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European Elections

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SPGs Guide to EU Elections

Elections in Europe: 6th-9th June 2024

The 2024 European elections take place in June. Are you prepared to vote?
Click on each question to find out more about some essential topcis.

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Additional Information

  1. European People’s Party: www.epp.eu
  2. Party of European Socialists: www.pes.eu
  3. Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party: www.aldeparty.eu
  4. European Democratic Party: democrats.eu
  5. European Green Party: europeangreens.eu
  6. European Free Alliance: www.e-f-a.org
  7. Identity and Democracy Party (previously Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom): www.id-party.eu
  8. European Conservatives and Reformists Party (previously Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe): ecrparty.eu
  9. Party of the European Left: www.european-left.org
  10. European Christian Political Movement: ecpm.info